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Sequences and series
estimating surds
rounding off
simplification of fractions
solving quadratic equations
word problems
standard form

Maths Literacy – Ratios & Percentages

Rounding off according to the context When we round off numbers, we need to be aware of the context of the problem. This will determine whether we round off, up or down. When we round off to the nearest 10, we follow the simple rule that numbers with units digits from 1 to 4 are rounded down to the lower ten, while numbers with units digits from 5 to 9 are rounded up to the higher ten.
RoundingupHowever, when we are working in some practical, real-life situations, we must think carefully about what the results of rounding off will be. In other words, the answer must be reasonable so that it is not only correct, but also makes sense in the situation.


1) What is a ration?

2) What is a rate?

3) Percentages

4) End of chapter activity
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